For a limited time the Tidy Records App will be available for free!

A quick tip. When saving a PDF of the records to the cloud or emailing, don't forget to set the scale to SCALE TO FIT.

Sterilizer Record Management System

Keeping track of your sterilizer records has never been easier

Adding a record is as easy as touching a screen


The pen is mightier than the sword but the pop up menu is mightier than the pen.

An App on an Ipad is as easy as it gets

The records will be saved either in the cloud or in an email and can be reviewed at any time

Save Time and Be in control

There is an easier way to record and  keep the sterilization information that really matters. This simple to use App will free up your time and clean up your countertop.


Next Step...

Take the next step and get the Tidy Records App.