What is it?

Tidy Records is a Sterilizer Record Management System.

Why do I need it?

Keeping track of your sterilizing process is a must.  This simple solution will allow you to manage your sterilizer records and save you time.

What do I need to get started?

You need two things.

  1. A way to capture the fact the sterilizer is working properly.                                                                                                       This is done with a Biological Indicator.  With the Tidy Records system you use the iPad to capture a photo of the indicator vial itself from the most basic incubator or a photo of the digital readout of a digital incubator or a screenshot of the webpage from an incubator that publishes an Internet Of Things web page. You can also capture the results from an indictor that is sent in to a testing lab.
  2. A way to capture the load contents and record it was sterilized.                                                                                           With the Tidy Records system this involves using the pop up menus with customizable fields to enter the load contents. It also has fields to record the results of the chemical indicators showing the load was processed. The fact the sterilizer completed its cycle can be captured using the camera on the iPad to record a simple recording max temperature themometer or gauge or a picture of a digital display showing cycle complete or a picture of a paper printout.


Here are three options. Any combination will work.



1.  A basic biological Incubator.

2.  A simple Max recording Thermometer.

3.  An iPad Mini.

4.  The Tidy Records App.




1.  An automated biological incubator with digital Display.

2.  A Digital Display on the sterilizer.

3.  An iPad air.

4.  The Tidy Records App.




1.  An automated biological incubator that publishes a page on the internet of things.

2.  A paper printout from the sterilizer.

3.  An iPad pro.

4.  The Tidy Records App.